Reasons why a person loses in Online Casinos

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Online casinos make a small percentage of the overall gambling industry. But they are multiplying. Because they provide the convenience of gambling while sitting at home, they are attracting more people.  They do not provide the ambience for addicted gambling like bright lights, cut off from outside world or free dinners. But still, people find themselves at the losing end in online casinos. Reasons could be psychological or technological.

Online gaming technology

The technology used in almost all of the online casino games is RNG (Random number generator). RNG generates random numbers which decide the outcome of any game.  The moment a player presses the deal button, the RNG program of that game stops. The number it is pointing to at that moment is the outcome. The probability factors are taken into consideration for each game. Roulette has 1/38 probability for the spin to land on a particular number. Likewise, blackjack has 1/52 likelihood for any card to be dealt. In online slots, the software is programmed in such a way that the house always has a mathematical edge. In case of online blackjack, counting cards are not possible. This is because every time a card is being dealt, the software reshuffles the whole pack of card.  With technologically advanced software in place, the traditional tricks in gambling do not work.

Gambler psychology

Most of the losses gamblers face are due to their mindset. Some of the mistakes commonly made by many players are:

  1. Because a particular result has been coming for many times, the next outcome would be different. For example in roulette, thinking that because red has happened four times, black will begin the next time is wrong. Both colours have an equal chance (18/38). There is no way to predict the next colour.
  2. Another mistake that gamblers make is thinking that they will make up for the loss by sitting for long. They do not realise that each bet is new and its outcome can never be governed by previous bets.

Fallacies about free and fair play

To get new customers, online casinos offer a bonus. Many think that nothing can be lost by playing with free money. But the casinos are smarter than this. They make betting requirements such that even if you use the bonus money to play, you end up in a loss. Games that have low house edge are not allowed to play with the bonus money. The betting requirements are also raised to nearly 20 times the total capital (deposit + bonus). You end up losing rather than gaining. Some online games are also known to have cheaters. For example, in a game of poker, players can conspire to play together. They can share their card information with each other putting other players at a disadvantage.

A person should do proper research before entering into any game.It is important to remember that there is no sure shot way to win. There are mathematical probabilities that need to be considered in each game. Also, it is essential to know when to wind up your game and leave.

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