History of UK Casinos

UK Casinos 2018

UK casinos have provided plenty of opportunities to those who want to put their gambling skills on display and earn some cash. The first sightings of UK casinos were during the 19th century. At that time, casinos were in the form of gaming clubs and only members can play. The first gaming club to open was Crockfords on Curzon Street. It began in 1828 and was supported by the Duke of Wellington. After that, a lot of other gaming clubs opened with the backing and help of various influential people. Casinos became a legal entity in 1960 after The Gaming Act of 1960 was passed.

George Alfred James, the one said to be the Father of British Casino, opened the doors of the Casino Club Port Talbot. Located in Wales, the casino started as a gambling establishment that was restricted to its members only. It featured a bar, gaming room, restaurant and dance floor. The gaming room had various games such as blackjack slot machines, sixpence and baccarat.


George Alfred James opened The Kingsway Casino in South, the Port Prince of Wales Club in Cardiff and The Golden Horseshoe in London a year later. Celebrities visited The Kingsway Casino occasionally. The casino was also hosted to some of the finest musical performances from famous musicians. The casino empire George Alfred James created kept growing until his death in 1976. Ever since The Gaming Act of 1960 legalised casinos and due to accomplishments of George Alfred James, the casinos in the UK have become an important part of the country’s modern society.


Today’s UK casinos offer unparalleled grandeur. Gambling is no longer restricted to land-based casinos as there are now online casinos as well. 1994 was a tough year in the formation of UK online casinos. Gamblers started shifting to online casinos. The move started from the Island of Antigua and Barbados in the Caribbean. It was primarily supported by the ratification of the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act. In 1998, William Hill opened the first online casino in the UK via his betting services called Sportsbook.


The growth of UK casinos became better with the beginning of the twentieth century. Businesses had realised the power of the internet and the benefits it could bring. They began looking for ways to join the bandwagon of success. The online casino industry became more popular in the 2000s. Many online casinos opened and were met with a warm response. From 9.7% in 2008, the percentage of the adult population that have participated in online gambling increased to 15.9% in 2015. Active accounts have also risen to 18 million. The amount of money involved in online casinos increased as well. In 2014, almost 366 million pounds was won through online casinos.


The shift from land-based casinos to the online version remains under process in the country. Online casinos have begun getting a large target base, and land-based casinos have a large number of people to serve. The growth of the casinos in the UK is certainly incredible.

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