History of Poker

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Early days 969 A.D

The history of poker is thought to have developed around ten centuries ago. Like many other favourite card games, poker involves ranked card principles with the use of “bluffing techniques” to trick opponents.
Pokerevolution was believed to have been originated before 969 A.D by Chinese people. This was started when Mu-Tsung emperor played domino cards along with his wife on one New Year’s Eve.

Egyptians in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries were also discovered to have utilised a type of playing cards. Diverse games with diverse rules very identical to domino cards were played by Chinese were found that might lead to the origin of poker today.
Treasure Card or Hanifa were utilised in Persia for a selection of betting games in the sixteenth century. Hanifa cards include 96 elaborate cards and were made of thin slices of precious wood or ivory.

17-18th centuries

During 17th and 18th centuries, Poque a favourite card game in France and Poche a favourite game in Germany become notorious. These games were originated from Spain with the name of Primero that was invented in the sixteenth century. This game involved cards being dealt with every gamer. Bluffing was the initial mechanic of this game to trick the opponents. This was eventually named as the mother of poker because it’s the initial version which has been established to have similar rules of what people know as pokerthese days.
In the year 1834, Jonathan H. Green created one of the first references to this game. He stated the mechanics to the cheating game. This quickly started to become popular among gamblers. In fact, many players liked the concept of the new game as it was observed to be more complicated and challenging. Jonathan took more than merely as mere interest in this new game. Afterwards, he formally documented and named the cheating game in his writing. And this is where the pokergame was born.

At this point in time, there are games which have dominated the scene of modern pokergames such as:
Five Card Draw: This usually the initial variant of poker learned by many gamers, and perhaps the oldest type of contemporary poker.
Seven Card Stud: This is another favourite pokergames found in any casino worldwide
Texas Hold’em: This is the most popular poker game today.

Also, there are other variations like Manila, Omaha, StudPoker, Razz as well as DrawPoker that are very common, however not as exciting and thrilling as Texas Hold’em game.

Modern Times

In current years, pokergame has gained too much popularity due to two important reasons. First is the advent of online poker. There are lots of poker websites today and lots of players from all over the world log on daily to play this game. Secondly, due to the advent of the hole-card camera that turned poker game to spectator sport, the WSP or World Series of Poker is often on ESP and has a rapid increase in members in recent years.

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