A brief History of Craps

UK Craps 2018

Craps is known as one of the traditional casino games up to date regardless it this comes to entering regular brick and mortar casino or accessing online one. This is widely known as a dice game with players placing their wagers on the probable outcome of roll or series of turns.

The players can also wager on the pair of dice

Knowing that there’s reasonable variety of wagers such as single roll bets, line bets, multi-roll bets and more, this can be quite hard for the players to predict the roll’s outcome. This is precisely the reasons why this game is the hardest to play in the casino.
Nevertheless, there are several interesting theories on how the craps evolved across historical times. One of the most common beliefs about its origin is that craps are the variation of Old English game known as the Hazzard. Presently, there are three major types of craps-the street, online and casino.

Street Craps

The street craps are commonly played by several groups of individuals in an alley or room, and this was quite famous among soldiers. On the other hand, the casino craps are entirely different from street caps and the most famous form of the game. The third variation which is the online craps has become even more popular over the last years because of rapid technological advancements and technologies.

Early Origin ofCraps-The Roman Empire

There is entirely a few historical evidence which suggests that game of craps might have been made and have evolved of Holy Roman Empire. This was the time when soldiers of Roman legion tend to play with the pig knuckles through tossing them to their shields. This is actually how the words “to roll the bones” became prevalent.
Based on some historical choices, the game of Hazard was initially invented by William of Tyre who’s an English Noble together with his knights over crusades when they’re waiting to significantly slay on the Hazarth in 1125 AD.

Middle Ages

Earlier game of craps has managed to rapidly spread in Europe and became popular in England during the Middle Ages. This was often mentioned by Geoffrey Chaucer, a medieval author in “Canterbury Tales” that, according to quite a few scholars, is apparently an indication that this game was well-known at that time.

Later, from the late 1600s and in the early 1700s, craps expanded its reach into luxurious casino houses, particularly in England. Some of the highly enthusiastic players were found among noblemen and royalty making this game a big social event. The noblemen also played craps as their favourite pastime.

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