History of Black Jack

Black Jack History

Where did black jack all start? Well, no one knows where the origin of this game started. There are plenty of debates about it whether it originated from French or Italian games, which both have the same aspects.

When it comes to the Italian aspect, Thirty-One game dated all the way to 1400s involved players to get three cards having an objective to get as close to the 31 card as possible. Seven and a Half originated in Italy and started in the 1600s. This game also makes use of cards and takes in between the eight and ten cards out of the deck. The cards in between two and seven all counted as their value, and the jack card is counted as one half, and the aces card is counted as one. This type of game is played against dealers and involves getting as close to the seven and a half points. The objective of the game is similar to black jack.

When it comes to the French aspect, they also claimed that black jack originated in their place with their Vingt En Un game. This game can be directly translated into twenty-one which originated in the year 1600s too. The primary point of this game is to let the players reach twenty-one in a similar way as the black jack game today. In fact, the name of the game black jack came from Vingt En Un best hands that involved getting jack of spades and ace.

American Migration of Black Jack

Card games today involve different aspects compared to the black jack played over hundreds of years ago in Europe and before it became famous in America. In the year 1789, the French Revolution ended and the game Vingt En Un started to migrate in the US – a place where all types of card games are known to be legal.

It became popular in America, but unfortunately, gambling was criticised all throughout the year the 1880s by the public and lawmakers. During the year 1860, the games where players are betting against a house were made illegal. Blackjack game was immediately forced underground.

Vegas Baby

In the year 1931, Nevada completely legalised gambling games in the place. It is also in the same year that Las Vegas was created. Black jack that was underground in the American period became a legal game again. Books on the best strategy to win this game were also published during the 1940s and late 1950s.


These days, black jack is already played in different casinos all over the world. It can now be played online by people all over the world anytime they want. There are several differences when it comes to the payouts and the quantity of decks of the game, but when it comes to the strategy, it all remained the same which is very essential to succeed in this kind of game.

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