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We see these casino winners and envy their wins. Admit it, we do. They hit the lucky odds button to win thousands, if not millions. It is on the news, and we all wonder how do they do it and what comes after. Some these winners are professional gamblers while others are just bloody lucky. It’s the rags-to-riches tale that we fall for, but more notably, the reverse that gets out attention because it’s as juicy as a 10 Downing Street scandal. These massive winnings from the casino capture our imagination. These are three notable casino winners who won in an instant.

Archie Karas

Karas, a Greek waiter-turned-pool player hustler, lost $2 million in a short period and used his final $50 to make his comeback. For the next two years, at multiple locations playing multiple games of poker and craps, Karas went on to make $40 million now known as “The Run.” But in the usual scenario of winning and losing streaks, Karas lost all of it playing those same games, only to borrow $40,000 and win a $1 million back. He’s an example of the highs and lows of hot hands and being lucky, leading to his nickname, “King of the Casinos.”

Cynthia Jay

A cocktail waitress in one of those Vegas casinos, Jay, played the Megabucks lottery slot machine. She struck it rich, winning $35 million, the most significant amount of that time in Nevada. Her victory lap was tragically cut short: several weeks later, a car crash made Jay a person with paraplegia and killed her sister. Jay had just married and planned to travel the world, but now is confined to her wheelchair. Now aided by her husband, she has said she would give it all back to walk again as well as see her sister alive. All the money in the world can’t satisfy any problem.

Antonio Esfandiari

Nicknamed “The Magician,” the Iranian-born Esfandiari won approximately $18,346,673 in the World Series Of Poker’s $1,000,000 The Big One for One Drop. The pinnacle of his professional career, Esfandiari has played in dozens of other professional poker tournaments. Also, he wrote a book about the best-kept poker strategies and was the main face of Ultimate Poker, which recently went belly-up. Now in living in San Francisco, Esfandiari married the daughter of another professional poker player (fittingly), has a son and continues to play around the world.


We search for Lady Luck every time. A single jackpot can pay off our debts and fund our futures. Every day, somewhere in the UK’s casinos, a big payout takes place.It doesn’t have to be six or seven figures, but even a ten quid bet is becoming two-thousand is quite impressive. Gambling is a costly hobby, and one that can be abused, but if played right and patiently, the jackpot can be struck at any given point. Randomness is a common theme in casinos, and these victories are proof of it.

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