Is There Any Difference Between eSports Betting And Ordinary Betting?

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Betting between eSports and traditional sports have some things in common, but they also have a list of differences that are obvious. In the last decade, eSports has risen to become a billion dollar industry, and with the digital world, the ways of gambling have expanded that has brought eSports into the business. But while the concept is the same, there are some major differences in eSports and actual sports. With eSports, the betting is not as instantly learned like regular sports. So, what are their similarities and differences?




Obviously, eSports involve video games. They are played on computers in auditoriums and arenas for the thousands to watch. The other is action right in front of us, not on a computer screen, where we cheer on horses and soccer players going after it. But the fundamentals are very much the same in the way they are built in terms of running a proper betting pool and system. There are bookies and loan sharks, tickets on the bets submitted, and the tickets are given in to collect the winnings. Both sides have the same type of bets in games, series (best-of or aggregate), and entire tournaments.




Basic sporting matches usually decided in one single game. With eSports, they have what is known as a match system that allows layered betting to take place, or bets-on-bets and on the side. For example, eSports has handicaps people bet on such as who scores the first kill, how long the kill streak will be, and how many points an individual will add up. There is also more luck in eSports than in actual sports. The better team or player should win all the time when on the pitch or court, but video games have winning percentage chances that is much more random. It can go from 75% chance of winning to the opposite way in seconds.


Normal sports sat in online easily as it did with the normal bookies, but eSports can’t do the offline stuff and the structure of betting has been the same because of regular sport. The
fantasy leagues” in sport has expanded the riches for betting websites, but it is something that is not done with eSports. Most regular sport also still have bets placed at casinos and bars in cash because of regulation and laws that has strapped them in. But with eSports, the betting has to be only online since it is a computer game and not at the casino. Sport betting online has its loopholes and people get around them regardless. Still, the balance of being only online makes eSport betting more flexible and result in bigger winning for the luckier bettor.

Summit up

Both sides are really the same more than they are different, but the differences are big overall with betting rules. eSportis modern, yet is based on the traditional way of betting to go through with others. The most common factor they have of all is that they are both fun if done appropriately. Find all my articles at Thanks for stopping by!


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