Different Kinds Of Poker

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Some poker games exist, and a few common ones are played all over the globe. The not so common may be restricted to some specific areas. Now you have online poker too and these more common and popular ones that are offered on these sites. Texas Hold’em is one of the most played variants, and it is the most popular version too. Omaha, razz and so on are some other kinds.

These poker games can be played in different formats too. So you have the tournament and cash games. In the former one, the players begin the game with a specific amount of chips. Then the goal is to win all of the chips. In the last money can be lost or won on every hand. Poker can be played based on betting limits too. You can have your pick and play the one you find interesting.

Speed Poker

This is a new format and can be played on many of the online sites. Omaha or Texas Hold’em variety is used to play this poker game. It can be played either with cash games or even tournament. The basic rules of this game are the same, but it is performed at a much faster pace.

This is considered to be an exciting format. In this game when your hand is folded you will be dealt with an additional one. Then a players’ pool continually moves tables instead of players being seated at a table. At the outset, it may seem a bit complicated, but it is not so.

Betting limits

If you choose to play with betting limits, you will be told how much each player participating in a particular round can bet. Both cash games and tournaments allow betting limits. In the former, you can raise or bet relative to stakes and in the latter, you bet to the present blind level.

Before the start of the game, you need to know the various limits and how each of them works. Different kinds of restrictions may have different ways of playing. The different types of boundaries are fixed, no, pot, spread, and cap. Knowing in detail of each of these you can pick one of them to play your poker game.

Cash games or tournaments

In these two variants, the basic rules are same. The difference is in the way the money is lost or won. You use a certain amount of cash to buy in for the cash game. Then the winner of every hand wins the money that has been put in the pot. Then at any point in time, you can leave the game. In case you lose you can further buy some extra money too.

In the tournament format, some fixed entry fee needs to be paid. For this you receive chips. Each competitor gets the same number of chips. The winner of every hand will win all the chips in the pot. If you lose all the chips, you are eliminated from the game. Winning all chips is the ultimate goal. Different types exist for this too each having slightly different rules.

There are various kinds of poker games available on different sites currently. The land-based casinos also offer these different variants. You can have your pick to enjoy your favourite poker games and win money.


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