The History of Baccarat

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Baccarat is considered one of the oldest casino games still being played. It has a fantastic history date back hundreds of years. Research shows that baccarat originated back in 1490 AD and its name come from the Italian word meaning Zero. There are two known fascinating stories regarding the origin of this game; one based on mythology and the other one based on Italian gambler.

The myth behind the history of baccarat is regarding a blonde virgin who was to do an ancient Etruscan ceremony with nine gods waiting keenly for her destiny to be shown. These gods waited on their tiptoes, whereas the blonde virgin rolled a nine-sided die. When the die landed, her future was set. It depends on the number the die landed on; the blonde virgin has 1 of different destinies. When the die lands on the eight or the nine, meaning the virgin will become a priestess. Once the die fell on six or seven, she will be exiled by the church and restricted from any religious activities from which day on. Her destiny wasn’t so good when the die was to land on numbers that are lower than six because it will signify that her fate was worse.


There’s query as to whether this game was initially invented in France or Italy. The most customarily though the origin of this game is that it was discovered by Felix Falguirerein an Italian gambler in 1940 AD utilising tarot cards deck. Tarot cards are used to predict the fate of a person, and the four suits of these cards were the basis of the four suites the card decks utilised at this point in time.

The early times of this game, this was just played by an aristocrat and in secrecy as it was illegal. However, after France comprehended the amount of money involved, they made Baccarat legal and began taxing the winnings which utilised to develop weak places of the country. This was banned during Napoleon’s rule; however, after his reign, the game was legalised and started playing in land casinos.

Baccarat was indeed a top-rated game. As a matter of fact, people from Europe beginning playing this game and the popularity reached outside Europe. South America was the initial region where this game was played.

Modern Times

Later in the year 1950’s, Tommy Renzoni introduced an American version of this game. This latest version of Baccarat was a mixture of the French Chemin de Fer and European Baccarat. Las Vegas casinos like Dunes Casino picked up this game fast. Because of the range of the original version, mini-baccarat established and still being played today in various casinos in America.

The history of Baccarat continuous to be made because the game is still prevalent not just in land-based casinos but internet casinos too. In fact, thousands of people are playing baccarat online on a daily basis. There is no need for them to go to a physical casino just to play baccarat, where they can play it right in the comfort of their home.


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